The importance of internal security cannot be denied and hence a dedicated desk to look into various policy and trade issues pertaining to the sector is required. The various stakeholders like Police, Paramilitary Forces, Policy makers, Industry etc have to commit to work together towards safety & security. Some of the focus areas are:

    • Safe & Secure City:A Safe City initiative leverages partnerships and technology to help communities & businesses reduce crime and create an environment where people feel safe and secure. Cities that attract economic power and foster growth also spawn crime, violence & overall insecurity. Urban dwellers are constantly faced by threats like disaster – both natural & man made, terrorism, organized crimes, theft / burglary, rape, human trafficking etc. An urban center is to be treated like an establishment that requires equivalent of a perimeter security, protection of the citizens residing therein and safe-guarding of the sensitive pockets and establishments within, through prevention, quick detection and speedy response.
    • Possible Amendments to Private Security Agency Regulation (PSAR) Act:The police to citizen ratio at the all-India level are about 117 policemen for every one lakh people, which is much lower than the United Nations standard of 222. The change in lifestyle of the last few years have boosted demand for private security services, with corporate offices, hotels, residential complexes as well as individuals becoming more concerned about security. The Man Guarding Industry forms a large portion of the Indian Security Industry, which is regulated by Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005- PSARA ACT. This ACT needs to be relooked for appropriate amendments.
    • Capacity Building programs:We intend to organize capacity building programmes in the field of security.
    • India Risk Survey:FICCI and Pinkerton partnered to undertake the first ever India Risk Survey. The objective of the report was to inform and sensitise all stakeholders about the new emerging risks for the developing economies like India so that a well-planned and strategic policy decisions could be drafted and implemented for their mitigation. This will become an annual feature.

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