CCTV & Remote Video Access

Alert security staff to suspicious activity in your building 24/7.

Security video lets you keep your finger on the pulse and your eyes on every part of your facilities. When integrated with highly trained officers, our industry-leading video systems enable a higher level of protection and mitigate risk, all while increasing cost efficiency.

We can provide our corporate clients with everything from the stand alone camera in the branch office to highly complex, integrated and IP addressable CCTV systems for high security environments. Citiforce offers both analog and IP cameras, and both on-site and in-the-cloud video monitoring. And our state-of-the art monitoring systems allow us to efficiently and remotely monitor and respond to your incidents.


A System to Suit Your Needs

Citiforce systems specialists will consult with you to identify and design a camera system that works for you. Our extensive line of cameras and equipment ranges from small 'memo cams' to sophisticated cameras that can 'see' into the darkest of spaces. From the oil sands to office towers and from shopping malls to residential developments, our talented technicians can handle any job, even the most sensitive installation.