Canine (K9) Services are a specialised service that we can offer you in addition to our ordinary guarding.

Dog is an efficient tool, mitigate risk by sniffing out and detecting explosives. Canine service works as a part of integrated security solution to strengthen the security service quality. Our Officers and their canine partners undergo the most intensive training available to totally prepare them to work competently. We have exclusive tie-up with DiagNose - Israel, a world leader in training of canines.

Citiforce offers a range of K9 services, which includes

Road Clearance Dogs

Roadside bombs or IEDs are a problem well known to military forces combating guerrilla warfare throughout the world. There have been innumerable cases of patrols attacked by roadside IEDs, sustaining many casualties. The dogs are trained to obey commands from a distance, directing them to the area that is to be searched, and they will signal the presence of a roadside IED, if found in the area, back to their handler.

Guard Dogs

Guard dogs have been deployed by police forces and military organizations for over a hundred years. Every country has used dogs in various applications in order to achieve a response to a particular threat that it faced. This approach has led to the widespread use of dogs in a variety of tasks, from detecting explosives through to replacing soldiers/police officers in guard duties and other delicate situations.

Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer dog’s also known as Explosive detection dogs are one of the most effective ways to detect explosives. The Dogs can screen cargo, vehicles, public areas, check points, unattended objects and even people. With our unique training and quality assurance, the dogs will provide you with an optimal solution for merchandise and vehicle screening offering high mobility, flexibility, security and cost efficiency.

RAS Dogs

The most cost effective method for cargo screening for aviation, maritime, border crossings and customs. Highest throughput in cargo security clearance.