Protection Services

Citiforce provides high-level executive protection to executives, dignitaries, athletes and celebrities. Our security plans are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Citiforce executive protection security services include both event-centered security for public appearances and 24/7 protection service for clients who simply want to live their daily lives with a minimum amount of disruption. Whether you need immediate protection or are planning for a future event, Citiforce will provide a thorough assessment of your situation and customize a service that best fits your needs.

Executive protection personnel are trained to act proactively in a discreet manner to ensure that your business and personal security needs are always addressed.

Why Us for Protective services?

Our executive protection team members are carefully chosen from law enforcement officers, members of the military, Department of Corrections, and specialists in private security. Our multi-disciplined approach involves proactive threat assessment to neutralize problems before they occur.

Along with providing a single point of contact, only Citiforce has the capabilities to offer:

Global Resources – rely on our protective services anywhere, anytime

Protective Intelligence – with access to Threat Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis, and Real-Time Alerting, our agents quickly alter protection plans as situations change

Scalability – we offer services that fit your changing needs, from a one-time detail to long-term embedded agents

Learn more about our Protective Security service offerings:

Secured Vehicle Transports - Vehicle-based incidents pose some of the biggest risks to clients during executive protection assignments. Our executive protection team is highly trained to detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and deliver clients and their families safely to their destinations.

Executive/VIP Protection - No matter the country or language, Citiforce maximizes protection for Executives, VIPs and Celebrities by incorporating our global resources and real-time intelligence. We maximize security to those under our protection by delivering and incorporating:

  • Rapid agent deployment worldwide, 24/7
  • Threat Analysis for advance preparations and planning
  • Real-time intel from a wide variety of global resources
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Ability to alter plans/routes at a moment’s notice
  • Highly-trained and experienced professionals

Executive Drivers -Citiforce is a trusted resource for providing Executive Drivers and reliable protection for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians and entertainment giants.

Asset Protection - No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, Citiforce has the expertise and the global resources to maximize protection of your assets. We assist companies in a wide variety of unusually complex and stressful situations, including:

    Investigative and assessment services Security surveys Advance team deployment Escort services Deployment of armed agents Equipment coordination Agency liaising