Hard Facilities Management Services

Hard Facilities Management Services

We offer reactive and preventative (short and long term) maintenance services, meaning we provide a cost effective way to meet the current and ongoing needs of your facility management. We work with a risk-based approach, meaning your business is prepared for the present and future, and can always run as smoothly as possible.

With such a wide knowledge base of managing different types of properties, our teams of multi-skilled engineers have the experience to deliver safe, innovative and efficient maintenance solutions.

Our Operations and Maintenance services cover the following systems:

PAT and fixed-wire testing:

This involves the testing and visual inspection of any electrical systems that conduct electricity around a property or building. This includes any hard wiring and items such as main panels, lighting, sockets and distribution boards.

Lightning protection, fire detection and suppression systems:

We can put systems in place that future-proof your building and your business from potential fires and lightning, including setting up alarms, sprinklers, assembly points and interior signage.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems:

Nowadays, most businesses rely on power. We can install efficient UPS systems for your business, meaning that even during power cuts you have a safe supply of electricity to carry on as normal.

Man safe and life systems:
We can put in place systems that prevent the likelihood of falls and injury happening in the workplace or building.

Heating, ventilation and compressors:

we can install efficient heating, air conditioning and compression systems, making your building appealing to workers and visitors alike.

IT and audio/visual systems:

with wide knowledge of the best IT and creative systems for various industries. Our skilled engineers can help you to install them.

Lift and door maintenance:

Something so simple can have such an effect if broken. We work quickly and efficiently to repair entrance doors or lifts, so that there is as little effect on your workforce or visitors as possible.

Periodical review on condition of premises and equipment’s covered within the contract ex:

Electrical equipment and systems , Mechanical equipment and systems , Plumbing systems , Building Fabric , External Areas , Fixtures and fittings

Building Management Solutions:

India Serves operates Building Management Systems that comprise of Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Building Automation systems, for efficient functioning and security of the premises.