Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS)

Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS)

We combine global expertise and intelligent technology to increase efficiency, safety and coordination across transport networks.

Challenges - Cities are where traffic flows: cars, buses, and subways epitomize city life. Cities need to make mobility more efficient, reliable and green.

Our Smart Transportation Solutions

By combining the smart application and appropriate selection of digital technologies across multiple modes of transport, we create systems that drive efficiencies to make transport systems across the world safer, more reliable and more sustainable.

Creating intelligent transport systems - We deliver smart mobility.
  • Focused on improving mobility for users, we design technology systems that improve the efficiency of transport. Empower city and transportation authorities by enabling "situational awareness" and coordination.
  • We design traffic signal and car parking guidance systems to keep traffic moving in towns and in car parks.
  • On the highways, our motorway control systems enable hard shoulder running and variable speed limits to increase capacity safely.
  • We create electronic payment solutions that protect revenue and make tolling, road pricing and smart public transport ticketing run smoothly.
  • For operators and authorities, we create compliance solutions that keep transport systems safe and sustainable

We are committed to using smarter approaches to technology to create systems that improve transport for everyone and shape a better world.