Smarter Water Management at every point,

Every day, you face pressure from growing demand, water stress, increasing energy prices and aging water systems. The challenges of power and location can make new technologies seem out of reach. Pipes are buried under streets and sidewalks are difficult and expensive to access. And there is no inherent power supply in water pipes as there is for electric utilities.

We Can Help?

Every day our proven, real-world solutions allow water utilities of all sizes greater operational and financial control over their water networks with technology targeted to meet your challenging environment. And you can have the information you need, when you need it, to provide the best possible service to your customers.

We do this by building intelligence into every point of your distribution network. From advanced metrology and sensors, to communication networks, to the analytics and software that empower you to make smarter decisions—our integrated solutions put smarter water management within reach.

A digital future for water utilities, today

The digital utility is rapidly developing. New resources and tools are now available to help utilities getting an overview of the entire distribution network - all the way to the consumers.

We offer a wide range of solutions to help meet these challenges.

Smart Water Metering

The impact of proper, or improper, water metering stretches the entire scope of your distribution system. Smarter water metering is a fundamental step towards increasing the visibility of an underground and unseen infrastructure. Smart water metering opens the door to a world of opportunities.

Learn how increased digitalisation can help you optimize operations

  • Leak detection - The leak detection capabilities offered by smart water meters gives your utility the information necessary to know where the most serious system deficiencieslie and where to prioritize repairs and replacements accordingly.
  • Track Consumption Volumes - More accurate information offered by smart meters on consumption volumes ensures larger meters are right-sized for more efficient water distribution.
  • Control the water flow - Smart water metering saves water and helps in control usage of water by making the consumption visible
Drinking Water Disturibution-

Challenges for drinking water operations include managing a large network of geographically distributed assets, providing reliable monitoring and control of pump stations, dealing with aging infrastructure, managing operating costs and providing field personnel with information when and where they need it.

Water Network Optimization-

With a vast water distribution network, it is imperative for water utilities to have an overview of their entire network in real-time and in “future-time.” Water Network Optimization is able to trigger alarms associated to potential anomalies detected by simulations.